A tradition of trust from concept to creation


Legacy of 17+ Years

Basil Group is one of the most renowned business houses having a rich legacy of 17 years in real estate. Since inception, the company has been built on the fundamental pillars of quality, precision, timely delivery, value for money and most of al customer satisfaction. Basil Group thirst for excellence and passion for innovation has created a niche for itself in the industry.

The company is being moulded into a enterprise of the future. The founder’s vast professional experience are taking the company in the direction of success and greater profitability.

The Basil Group Focus


To Become the most preferred real estate organization known for Quality, Reliability and Transparency.


To provide value for money to all stake holders and contribute in every possible way to make the world better place to live.


Belief in transparency and ethical dealings, honesty and integrity.

Why Choose Basil Group?

As a customer, it's a difficult task to select the right developer, project, and home. We can proudly say that we always try to give the best, and our clients affirm this view. Besides existing clients, the whole real estate fraternity admires our work and dedication. Our devoted staff, expert engineers, and celebrated partners make us an inevitable brand in real estate.

The Basil Group Leadership

We still remember the time we started. The real estate industry was experiencing slow growth. Everybody was trying to put in their efforts. We analyzed the situation, select a less-trodden path, and planned our work. This is the base upon which the whole Basil story is shaped. We onboarded skilled, experienced experts in every aspect, and the results are visible.

We are an equal opportunity organization and encourage women's empowerment. With consistent efforts, we have acquired a homely atmosphere for our colleagues, staff, and customers. Giving back to society, we are engaged in various CSR Activities creating facilities and opportunities for the poor. We are happy that our efforts have contributed to changing the course of their life. In the coming years, keeping our legacy, we have determined to create a unique presence with superfine, unmatched elevations. We are obliged to all our customers, colleagues, staff, and partners.

Mr. Gopal Varma


Mr. Gopal Varma is the founder of the Basil Group of Companies. In 2006, Gopal Varma who can easily charm and inspire people laid the foundation stone of the Basil Group. His ability to energize the room and make people believe in their vision. The important task is to find out what the customer needs and how we can satisfy him with the maximum amenities in their budget. His versatile qualities along with his openness to listen to people, make him a great leader.


Managing Director

Mr. Vikas pours in tremendous efforts to ensure that the customers get the best facilities. He takes care of more than 300 employees of the Basil Group creating a feel of a homogeneous family amongst them. He has a consistent quest for new opportunities to benefit customers.

Mr. Nilesh Ghule


Mr. Nilesh shoulders the responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the Basil Group. Under his close watch, basil group has grown into one of Pune's largest privately held real estate companies, delivering more than 3 million square feet of projects, and expanding to west, south, and east Pune. He is always open to trying new techniques in construction. He strives to ensure the high quality of construction.

Management Committee


Chief Operations Officer


Sales Head (South Pune)


Chief of Sales (East and West Pune )


Senior Project Manager


Senior Technical Head


Marketing and Sourcing Head


Customer Relationship Manager

Philosophy of Women's empowerment

We believe that nature has never discriminated. It has enabled every being with unique capacities. At Basil, we have a force of more than 80% of women's staff. They are our source of energy for us. They have a pivotal role in every aspect from planning to execution.

They explore and organize various events for us and execute them successfully. Their unity and integrity keep the organization marching ahead.

As an organization, we celebrate various occasions and festivals. We never miss an opportunity to celebrate women-centric festivals. This effort is a part of the organization's philosophy and not just a formality. In the past years, we have thoroughly contributed to the empowerment of women.